Caregiver Conversations

You are never alone!


If you are a parent or someone caring for a loved one or a special person, regardless if they are a child, adult or even your parent, and find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, burning out or just plain lonely and want to connect with people who get what you are going through, this group is for you!!


Offered through Meetup, join us the first Wednesday of every month for some TLC, conversations, and refreshments while we discuss ways to help us rejuvenate and thrive ... not just survive!

Bring your coffee, tea or whatever you're drinking and join us for some TLC, conversations, friendship, while we discuss ways to help us rejuvenate and thrive (not just survive)!

These chats are a chance for us to come together with members of our tribe in a safe and supportive environment, surrounded by people who understand the challenges and opportunities that come with caregiving, and who believe that we can help each other by sharing our stories, insights and experiences.

We may choose to talk about one topic or a hundred, we may choose to talk about parenting or job or relationship challenges or what kind of week we've had, or we may choose to just sit and enjoy being around other people who "get" us.

We welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, height, weight, eye color, or any of the other characteristics that sometime keep us apart.

You can attend regularly or drop in when you need to. If you're running late don't let that stop you from coming. Come with an open mind and heart to share what you've learned - tools, tips and tricks, challenges, questions, whatever is on your mind.

We start the meeting with a brief check-in and ask everyone (especially new members) if they have any particular topic they'd like to discuss. We use those suggestions as our jumping-off point for the meeting.

These meetings are for you and will focus on you! It's the 90 minutes of the month devoted just to you! So as easy as it is to discuss your child, partner, or parent we want to know how YOU are coping and what sort of help / guidance / support / encouragement we can give to you! Come prepared to provide encouragement and support and ideas and suggestions on how someone can move forward.

Sometimes we may have a guest speaker or focus on a pressing issue. The meeting is to provide a positive environment that will hopefully engage and energize all those participating.


Please take advantage of these meetings to share telephone and email information with other members of your tribe so you can keep in touch between chats! If you'd like to participate in the Caregiver Circle (online group allowing as much community and support online between these meetups as you'd like) then let me know and I can connect you.

Or, invite someone out to lunch (or a virtual meal) later in the week! Hopefully we will be able to meet in person sometime in the near future.

To connect to Caregiver Conversations, please click here or copy this link into your browser: 


See you soon!