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We accept those of any age with a disability or special need and any parent or caregiver who would also like to join the Club.  When you join the Club you become part of an organization of like-minded people who have experienced similar journeys ... we can understand each other despite where we may live.  Banding together like this helps us present a united front of support when times get tough.  We all need support and encouragement and often have the need to advocate so there is strength in numbers!  


I know personally that those with special needs and disabilities are amongst the strongest and bravest people in the world and they and their families are forces to be reckoned with!  So what happens when we are able to join together? 


We can change the world one day and one person at a time!  


I want to be able to say that those who are part of the Courage Culture Club are movers and shakers and mindset changers!   


- Lisa xo 


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Join the Courage Culture Club Community!

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